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Lieu : Brussels

Région : Belgique

Rattachement : Apside Belgique

Type d'offre : Emploi

Expérience : 2/5 ans

Activité : Systèmes d’information




Our client manages all applications related to the monitoring of real-time train traffic in Brussels. The final sounds of our software tools are the dispatchers and employees in the signal boxes and traffic control.

As part of the “New Traffic Management” program, our client is modernizing and optimizing its software tools for monitoring train traffic. This program was started a few years ago with the aim of monitoring train traffic more efficiently and accurately.

In a first phase, our client has purchased the Traffic Management Application (TMS) for this from the Swiss Railways. TMS replaces a number of outdated software tools for monitoring real-time train traffic. The TMS application is currently fully operational and integrated into the IT landscape. New interfaces were developed for the integration of TMS and other existing applications in the domain of train traffic were adapted.


The context of this IT assignment includes:

  1. Implementation of additional functionalities in the TMS application
  2. Optimize the TMS interfaces (in and outbound):
    • INT Network Infrastructure (weekly): network topology of the Belgian train infrastructure (tracks, points, stations, …)
    • Schedule of trains (daily): timetable of trains for the next 2 days
    • Real-time train positions: real-time messages when a train reaches a certain reading point of the INT Network Infrastructure
    • TREX: TMS Real-time EXport: real-time interface for exporting to real-time data to other internal and external applications and railway companies.
    • TDEX: TMD Data export to BI systems for diagnosis and incident analysis
  3. Evolutionary maintenance of IT applications in the domain of Traffic Control Solutions
  4. Delivery of a specific TMS module for the training of end users
  5. Management of the different environments (TEST, ACCEPTANCE, EVALUATION, DRP and PRODUCTION)

Intensive monitoring and 24/7 support, including on-call duty, of the production environments are absolutely necessary and also belong to the context of the assignment.



The objective of this assignment is to ensure the further evolution of the TMS application and its direct interface in accordance with the priorities of the product backlog (s) prepared and managed by the product owner in JIRA:

  1. Functional evolution
  • Changes to existing functions
  • Implementing new functions
  • Implementing new functional modules


  1. Technical Evolutions
  • Upgrade of the existing technology stack
  • Replacement of technical components in technology stack


  1. Operational support
  • Analyze and implement bug fixes
  • Provide on-call duty in a 24/7 support model (max1 week per 2 months)


For this you will be part of the project team, responsible for all Build and RUN activities of the Traffic Control Solutions and will be included in one of the development teams.

An agile development team consists of a scrum master, 4 to 5 JAVA developers, 1 or 2 analysts and an agile tester.

The development teams work on the basis of the Agile / Scrum method, with bi-weekly sprints. All the usual SCRUM ceremonies are actively applied: sprint kick-off, sprint planning, sprint demo, sprint retro and daily stand-up.

Product priorities for a development team are managed by the product owner via the JIRA Agile tool.

Teamwork is essential!

It is expected that the assigned user stories and / or promotions will be delivered in a qualitative and timely manner, in accordance with the agreed deadlines and the “definition of done”.

Domain-driven design (DDD), test-driven development (TDD) and pairing are being actively applied.

3 TMS releases are scheduled every year. By timely and qualitative delivery of the user stories per sprint you ensure that the release planning is not compromised and can continue as planned.



IN SCOPE of the assignment:

  • Prioritizing and managing the product backlog, in consultation with the product owner
  • Preparing user stories for implementation
  • Defining user acceptance criteria per user story
  • Estimating effort
  • Implementation of user stories
  • Validation of user stories
  • Respect the development guidelines
  • Respect and apply the Agile / SCRUM ceremonies
  • Preparing and giving sprint demos
  • Timely delivery of the full sprint scope
  • Install the product increment in the different environments (DEV, TEST, ACC, EVAL and PROD)
  • Supporting user acceptance tests
  • Keep the functional and technical documentation up-to-date
  • Analyze and solve bugs
  • Participate in the standby duty (after internal training)
  • Participate in all Agile / Scrum ceremonies
  • Adjusting documentation: functional, technical and architecture
  • Keeping user JIRA status up to date



Per sprint (2 weekly):

  • Implementation and validation of user stories within the scope of the sprint and in accordance with the “definition of DONE”
  • Preparing user stories for the next sprint in accordance with “definition of READY”
  • Deliver customized documentation (functional, technical, architecture)
  • Give sprint demo
  • Update product backlog in JIRA

For every release (4-monthly):

  • Delivering release content in the ACC environment
  • Prepare release notes
  • Deliver test reports
  • Actively practice Agile / SCRUM methodology

Respect and follow development guidelines and processes



  • You have a higher degree in computer science or equivalent
  • You have knowledge of SCRUM and Agile methodologies
  • You have 3 years of relevant experience as a functional analyst / proxy
  • Knowledge and experience with functional analyzes in an Agile / SCRUM development team
  • You are familiar with test drive development
  • Continuous learning: you contribute to the continuous improvement of the functioning of the team
  • You actively share your knowledge with your teammates
  • Dutch or French and able to understand the other language
  • Knowledge of the OO principles, DDD, design patterns and best practices
  • Knowledge of Java and SQL Databases
  • Knowledge and experience with ERD
  • Knowledge and experience with ITIL
  • Experience with technical design and IT architecture concepts
  • Knowledge and experience with JAVA and ORACLE
  • Knowledge and experience with HP ALM / QC
  • Knowledge and experience with XML, XSLT, SVG
  • Knowledge and experience with JIRA Agile
  • Motivated
  • Teamwork
  • Analytical thinking
  • Focus on quality
  • Communicative
  • Customer oriented
  • Eye for detail
  • Being able to work independently and autonomously
  • Easily integrated into an existing team
  • Stress resistant


Since 40 years, we’re pleased to offer ICT services, with a great focus on human relations and partnership. Because treating our employees and our customers the same way is certainly the best way to show them how important they both are for us.  Partnership and mutual evolution are the most important pillars of stability and balance. Banking & insurance, retail industry, energy, transportation, import-export, telecom industry; we operate in various sectors, and our own experience is a nice mix between global and local activities. We work hard and well, for international companies, and for small and medium sized companies as well. Our development is still the support in the original values of our group: transparency, expertise, proximity and continuity.

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